Flare Halter Mini Dress Digital Download Sewing Pattern

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Introducing our must-have for the season: The Flare Halter Mini Dress sewing pattern. Embodying a delightful fusion of vintage charm and contemporary skimpy, this pattern promises to make you the belle of every summer soirée. The halter ties in the back  of the neck with a gather accent under the bust. Check out the follow along tutorial for the gather accent. The skirt adds a playful spin, ensuring movement and charm with every step you take.  From XS to L, we embrace every silhouette.. Let me know if you have any questions.

  • Includes sizes XS-L
  • One coverage option, mini length flare dress with halter back
  • Formatted to print on US letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Test square in US 2 x 2 inch and Metric unit 5.08 cm
  • Pattern is color coded per size so you can make YOUR custom size
This is a DIGITAL product, available for instant download immediately after purchase. Due to the nature of this product, returns, exchanges, and refunds are not permitted.

What You Will Need

  • 1 yard of 2 or 4 way stretch fabric 58”- 60” wide
  • Matching Thread
  • Regular Home Sewing Machine
  • Cover Stitch Machine / zig-zag stitch on a regular sewing machine

Pattern Assembly 

  1. With right sides together sew 2 of the 4 skirt pieces (1) sides together with a 1/4” serger stitch (you will attach the other two pieces later) set aside
  2. With right sides together sew one of the halter piece and halter lining (2) sides together with a serger stitch leaving the under bust unsewn and open to turn it right side out. Turn the top right side out and
    repeat the step for the other side of the top
  3. Stay stitch the under bust for both halter pieces (2)
  4. Measure under the bust at center for a gather stitch as follows.
    XS 1.5”, s 2”, M 2.5”, L 3” Watch this video for follow along instructions https://youtu.be/eRDQw7kHjvo
  5. Open main piece (1) with seam in the center for the top pieces (2) Pin halter pieces (2) facing main piece 1/4” from the center seam (this will leave a 1/2” opening between the halter pieces (2). Moving outward; lay halter under bust flat until the gather stitch then pin. Pin again after the gather stitch. Move outward again then pin the outside bust halter pieces (2)
  6. Stay stitch main piece (1) to halter piece (2) then open both (1) & (2) to see the halter attached
  7. With right sides together sew the last 2 of 4 main piece (1) sides together with a 1/4” serger stitch. This will complete the lower part of the dress excluding the hem
  8. Hem the upper skirt piece (1) 1/2” making sure to opened the halter piece (2) from step 6.
  9. Hem the lower part of skirt piece (1) with a 1/2” hem

When cutting main piece (1) make sure to cut alternating the flare direction to save fabric*


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