Sew Skimpy Terms Of Use

Yes, you can use Sew Skimpy patterns to start a small business! You can not use Sew Skimpy digital sewing  patterns for mass production. Please don't share my downloads with others (it's stealing & unethical)

Many small businesses started doing business using Sew Skimpy/Basic Tease sewing patterns. It has been simply amazing to see how many entrepreneurs have created gorgeous pieces for customers, and themselves using Sew Skimpy sewing patterns.


Traditionally, most sewing¬† pattern companies don’t permit their patterns to be used by small businesses.¬†


Sew Skimpy patterns can actually pay for themselves… A $5-30 investment can turn into hundreds or thousands of dollars. Many customers started businesses and have proven this can be done.


If you’re sewing your own products and selling them, Sew Skimpy is happy to help! Please abide by the following stipulation and do not mass produce my sewing patterns.

  • Don’t send the patterns to a third party manufacturer or seamstress.
  • If you have more than one employees, you will need to use your own sewing patterns.

Questions on our terms of use

Here is a list of the Do’s and Don’ts when using PDF Sewing Patterns, Images, Tutorials, and all other content created by Basic Tease Inc, Sew Skimpy and Tamara. All content is protected by the United States and International copyright laws.

Sewing patterns may be used for personal or small scale business use as explained below. DO NOT REDISTRIBUTE Sew Skimpy content or creations, even when altered, IN ANY FORM or UNDER ANY CERCUMSTANCE.¬†When Terms of Use is violated, legal action will be taken. This UNETHICAL action is ILLEGAL and won’t be tolerated.


    What is small scale business use?

  • Sew Skimpy allows you to use digital sewing patterns for small scale production by manufacturing a sewn finished product from our PDF sewing patterns.
  • Small scale business: retail business selling finished products with one owner hiring one employee. Manufacturing is done entirely or a majority in house production. If you do not fit this description please discontinue using Sew Skimpy sewing patterns.¬†
  • If your business outsources any manufacturing, please understand that these sewing patterns can not be shared with third party manufacturers in any form under any circumstances, regardless of the size of your manufacturer

¬† ¬† Do’s

  • Post on social media and tag us if you want to give us credit @SewSkimpy
  • Create your own style name of your creation if you a reselling
  • Save your digital download to your computer, flash drive, personal Dropbox, Google Drive, etc….
  • Print digital sewing patterns for personal use, small scale business use for your sewing creations.

¬† ¬† Do Not’s

  • Resell the PDF Sewing Patterns, either as is or altered in any way
  • Privately or publicly sharing a link to Sew Skimpy sewing patterns via email, etc…
  • Alter Sew Skimpy sewing patterns in any way
  • Store the files on a public website (your website) or sharing platform so that other people can access the link
  • Use the PDF sewing pattern to drive traffic to your website
  • Send the Digital sewing pattern to a manufacturer for mass production or any other purpose
  • Use Sew Skimpy images to promote your finished sewing projects or any other use
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