Tie Front Wizard Sleeve Robe PDF Sewing Pattern

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You can sew along with my long tie front robe with wizards sleeve sewing pattern with an accompanying sewing tutorial. I show you how to simulate a rolled hem with an overlock machine (I got some scolding from some folks online about it) it has always worked well for me. This Sew Skimpy Tie Front Robe With Wizard Sleeves can be worn for a sexy night at home, cosplay, raves, costumes, pole fitness, and even exotic dancers. This is a medium knowledge sewing pattern and would be great project if you have some experience sewing. This Wizard Sleeve Robe Sewing Pattern is available in 4 sizes

  • Includes sizes XS-L
  • One coverage option, full back coverage with tie front
  • Formatted to print on US letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Test square in US 2 x 2 inch and Metric unit 5.08 cm
  • Pattern is color coded per size so you can make YOUR custom size
This is a DIGITAL product, available for instant download immediately after purchase. Due to the nature of this product, returns, exchanges, and refunds are not permitted.

What You Will Need

  • 2 1/2 yards of 2 way stretch mesh, glissenette…. 58”/ 60”
  • Matching Thread
  • Rolled Hem / Overlock machine
  • Fray Check

Pattern Assembly 

  1. With right sides together sew front (1) and back (2) shoulder straps together using a ¼” serger stitch
  2. Open front (1) and back (2) shoulder seam. Sew in sleeve shoulder (3) using a serger stitch. Start on one side of the arm pit and go past the shoulder to the other side of the armpit with right sides together (watch my sleeve video on YouTube if you need help https://youtu.be/v7qH4XIoN0c
  3. With right the sides of (1) & (2) together and sleeve (3) folded in half. Sew all the way up both sides of robe and sleeve with a serger stitch. I start at the bottom and hold the under-arm seams together. Then hold on to tip of sleeve until I finish that side/sleeve seam
  4. I usually reinforce the shoulder and arm pit with a straight stitch to help with overuse
  5. With the robe sewn together now prepare the serger chain seams with Fray Check. Add a little squeeze to hanging serger chains at the tips of sleeves, neckline, also the bottom, and top side seam. Allow it to dry completely.
  6. After the Fray Check has dried. Set your serger for a rolled hem (I started using a serger stitch as a rolled hem when my baby overlock was lost in a fire)
  7. Start at any dried Frey Check seam and slightly pull to add a little ruffle. Don’t pull on the sewing machine. Pull on the fabric only!
  8. You can hem ¼” using a stitch if you prefer not to use the rolled hem.

Never pull on the feed of your overlock machine. You are pulling on the fabric NOT the sewing machine

 Follow Along Video https://youtu.be/kEwRexmCnYM

This sewing pattern was made to be worn with platform shoes. The pattern photo is a shorter length version of the robe sewing pattern.


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