Thick Neck Halter Top Sewing Pattern

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Are you ready to take your sewing skills to the next level and create a stunning swimsuit that perfectly fits your style? Introducing our exclusive sewing pattern for the Thick Neck Strap Halter Top Bikini with String Tie Back – the ultimate DIY project for the fashion-forward, confident creator in you! Learn the art of crafting a chic thick neck strap that not only adds a touch of glamour but also provides excellent support for a confident and secure feel.

  • Includes sizes XS-L
  • One coverage option, Thick neck strap support
  • Formatted to print on US letter (8.5 x 11)
  • Test square in US 2 x 2 inch and Metric unit 5.08 cm
  • Pattern is color coded per size so you can make YOUR custom size
This is a DIGITAL product, available for instant download immediately after purchase. Due to the nature of this product, returns, exchanges, and refunds are not permitted.

What You Will Need

  • 1/2 yard 2 or 4 way stretch fabric 58”- 60” wide
  • 2 pieces binding 1 3/8” wide by (binding sizes listed on sewing pattern)
  • 1 yard long minimum by 1 3/8” wide under bust string (I use pre-cut binding)
  • Matching Thread
  • Overlock machine / zig-zag stitch on a regular sewing machine
  • Binding Foot is optional (I never used one)

Pattern Assembly

  1. Sew the neck straps of (1) together with right sides together using a 1/4″  serger stitch or straight stitch.
  2. Serger stitch the bottom of both sides of top (1) for aesthetics (not a requirement)
  3. Pin the center of one binding strip (2) to the sewn neck strap of (1) Pin (2) ends to the lower edge of both top pieces. Overhang binding (2) ½” on both bottom sides (binding sizes listed on sewing pattern) You will have 3 pins on one side of the top
  4. Stay stitch binding to that unfinished edge of (1). The binding (2) will overhang ½” on bottom
  5. Repeat step 3. & 4. for the other side of the halter top
  6. Wrap the binding (2) around the halter top fabric edge (1) Finish the stitch using a cover stitch, zigzag stitch or any other stretch stitch (You could also use a binding attachment)
  7. Snip off the unfinished ends of the binding on the bottom of the halter top (cut 4 binding ends)
  8. Fold under the bust for the string hole by folding in 1/2” Next you secure with a straight stitch.
  9. Wrap the under bust string (3) that measures a minimum of 1 yard. Finish the stitch using a cover stitch, zigzag stitch or any other stretch stitch. Use a binding foot if you have one
  10. Use a loop turner to slide the under bust string (3) inside the under bust loop of (1) & (2)


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