My Favorite Elastic

Braided Elastics & Swimwear Elastic have parallel ribs that run the length of the elastic and becomes narrower as it stretches. These types of elastics are typically made of a combination of cotton and rubber. Swimwear elastic can withstand salt and chlorine in water. Both types of braided elastics lose stretch when it is sewn or pierced with needles and pins. The difference between swimwear elastic and regular braided elastic is its fiber content.

What I Recommend is 1/4″ cotton braided swimwear elastic for Sew Skimpy sewing patterns that call for hemline elastic. It is so soft to the skin when making under garments. You can also use braided elastics for casings, such as waistlines, sleeve hems, or necklines. You will need to decide if you need swimwear elastic for your creations. Will your designs be worn at the beach or swimming pool? I recommend looking for a high elasticity elastic when sewing leg garters. Braided PJ elastic works great for a larger width elastic. Use 1/8” braided elastic for ruching and adding a gather at a hemline..  


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